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Mummies is very complex on the To a chemical compound and structure substance which I extract only in some mountain areas The grounds. In ancient east literature it is a lot of mentions about effective medical properties mummies . About seventy treatises and lechebnikov bear in itself huge kollichestvo mentions of wide use ancient Doctors mummies as the means strengthening regenerative processes In various fabrics of an organism, anti-inflammatory, antitoxic, obshcheukrepljajushchego a preparation, and also restoring lowered Function of peripheral nervous trunks and analizatornyh the centers head A brain.

it is especially effective mummies helps at treatment of the following of some diseases : at disease of uric ways: treatment a cystitis . Mummies perfectly treats illnesses:  treatment of a gastritis , treatment of a ulcer a stomach . It is considered, that Mummies one of the best means for treatments of an allergy , and at constant, schematical reception mummies an allergy at all disturbs. Ugri and spots are a heavy test for the teenager, about 70 % of young men suffer from spots till 30 years, mummies one of the strongest means at treatment of spots and ugrevoy rashes.

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List of diseases, which treats mummies:


Mummies it is applied to treatment of many diseases:

Most popular recipes:

Treatment of a cystitis by means of mummies.

Cystitis - one of the widespread diseases of uric ways at women. At men this disease meets much less often.

Scheme:  To drink on 0,5 (2 Tab.) Mummies 3 times a day up to meal. A rate of 20 days, then 5 days.  to dissolve 1г. mummies in a glass of water and to do syringing. A pain and rez stops in 10-15 minutes. To repeat 2-3 rates.

Treatment of an allergy with Help mummies.

Mummies one of the strongest means of treatment,  at constant reception the allergy at all does not disturb.

Scheme:  To dissolve 5 - 8 gr. mummies on 0,5 l. waters. To accept on 1 item to the spoon up to meal in the morning and in the evening. But follows to consider, that mummies possesses diuretic and poslabljajushchim action. vysypanija it is necessary to grease with stronger solution.

At allergies immune system of the person by mistake accepts usually harmless substance for a dangerous stranger and answers on its presence by protective reaction. The organism develops antibodies, but the main thing allocates gistamin and other substances which cause local an inflammation. It also is shown by unpleasant symptoms, such, as a cold, chihanie, an itch, krapivnitsa.

Treatment with help mummies.

Mummies very effective means for treatment a gastritis.  - an organic part mumie enters about 30 groups biologically active substances: mikro-and macrocells, fibers, amino acids, organic and fat acids, alkaloidy, kumariny, steroidy, fosfolipidy, vitamins, vosko and smolopodobnye substances, gum, guminovye, etc. acids.
Result is nonspecific stimulating action on all an organism, and also local action on healing of wounds. Stimulating action is shown and at a cellular level, as a result passes intensive division, increase in quantity of cells, strengthening of an exchange nucleinic acids and the general fiber. as a result of treatment full restoration sekretornoj activity of a stomach is observed.

In two weeks of use Mummies pains in a stomach, weakness, irritability, infringement of a dream disappear, there are regenerative processes in zhelezah, vulnerability decreases a mucous membrane, promotes healing of wounds and ulcers. Normalizes activity of a gastroenteric path.

Scheme of reception: To dissolve 3 mummies in 1 l. Boiled waters and to drink on 1 glass 3 times a day for half an hour up to meal on hungry a stomach. A rate of 10 days, then 3 days a break. To repeat 3-4 rates. In time of treatment strictly to keep to a diet.

Treatment sugar with help of mummies.

 Diabetics thirst disappears, allocation decreases urine, the exhaustion decreases.

1 scheme: For disposal of thirst and excessive allocation of urine, decrease in fatigue it is recommended to prepare for a solution (5 mummies on 0,5 l. Warm boiled water) to drink on 100 of 3-5 times of a solution in day up to meal, it is possible to wash down with milk or fruit juice.

2 scheme: to accept 0,2 (1 tab.) mummies on 2-3 times a day (in the morning and during the lunchtime 30 minutes prior to meal, in the evening before a dream - in 2 hours after meal). A rate of 10 days, a break of 5 days, only 4-5 rates.

 3 scheme: To dissolve 17 on 0,5 l. waters. 10 days on 1 item to the spoon 3 times a day 30 minutes prior to meal, 10 days on 1.5 items of the spoon 3 times a day 30 minutes prior to meal. Is better to wash down milk or fruit juice. If to appear a nausea that to accept mummies after. Heal treatments of 20 days.

Treatment of a ulcer by means of mummies.  

protivojazvennyj effect mummies is one of the main things properties in operation a preparation . Mummies is capable to accelerate healing ulcers various geneza.

In 15-20 minutes after reception decreases or the feeling completely disappears hurt , in current from 4 till 9-15 day. The pain at palpatsy epigastralnoj areas disappears as a whole for same time. All dispepsicheskie the phenomena (a nausea, vomiting, an eructation, a heartburn) Pass for 7-10 day; the lock disappears for 6-15 day. During treatment the niche, as a rule, disappears for 8-12 day, disappear inflammatory processes, it is normalized trofika a stomach , Hungry pains in a stomach disappear, passes weakness, irritability, infringement of a dream, go regenerative processes in superficial epitelii and epitelii zhelyoz, vulnerability decreases mucous, decreases it kataralnoe a condition . In case of especially painful pains purpose Mummies combine with vikalinom, at such combination of a pain are removed within 1-3 day and patients recover much more quickly, than at purpose of each preparation in separateness. After course of treatment in parallel with disappearance ulcer semiology pains and other symptoms connected with accompanying disappear inflammatory diseases zhelchevyvodjashchih systems and intestines (a chronic cholecystitis, chronic spastic kolit).

Course of treatment 30 days. 

Scheme of reception: to dissolve 10 mummies on 0,5 l. water. 10 days on 1.5 items of the spoon up to meal, 10 it on 1 item to the spoon up to meal, 9 days on 1.5 items of the spoon after meal. To repeat 2-3 rates. A solution mummies to store in the closed packing (bank) in a refrigerator.

Clarification of a leather, treatment and disposal of spots, ugrey.

To dissolve mummies up to kashitseobraznogo conditions, on density as liquid sour cream but that did not flow down from the person and area of a neck and to put on the person on 15 20 minutes and then to wash off mumie (it is possible to put on wide the bandage, having made prorezi for eyes), well feeds a leather and strengthens blood circulation.

Preparation of a clearing mask from mummies.

1) to mix three tubes of a neutral cream dl the normal leather, one a bottle of any biocream or any liquid cream and 15 gr. Mummies. For a day all it will be dissolved. To put on the person a thin layer, to wash off through 20 Minutes.

2) Or having stirred on a water bath 1 chajn. The spoon of honey + mumie with a pea. Also to put thin for 15 minutes and to wash off.

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